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lot : e aspires to take a slower approach to making, wearing and living; curating small timeless collections, both wearable and for your home.


Our clothing collection focuses on form, versatility and comfort. With a mission to design functional, durable products which can be worn and loved for many years. We mindfully source low impact natural cloth, such as Linen and a range of organic and dead-stock sourced Cotton and Bamboo. Embedded within the process, we consciously work around the idea of eliminating waste; cutting and constructing in small batches, on a make to order basis and redefining any offcuts into new creations. Each item is designed, made and parcelled up in fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging, from our home studio based in York. lot : e was founded in 2018 by Lottie Edgar, the small business began as a natural progression to continue experimenting with design after her studies in clothing design. 

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